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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks +

- Jake and Gabi wonder where they go from here.
- Xander and Sarah spend more lovin time togetha.
- Chad realizes he was rather wrong about Gwen.
- Shawn is surprised to see slick Phillip in Salem.
- Granny gone wild Sami tries to cause custody
- trouble for Nicole and she is all lawyered up.
- Eric feels Sami's restraining order is unfair.
- Stylish matriarchs Marlena and Kate are at odds.
- John falls and it turns out to be serious.
- At first Sami fears she killed him!
- Doc is devastated.
- Ben tries to hold it together.
- Will Claire seize the day?!
- Handsome Philip Kiriakis comes home to Victor
- and Xander meets the princely prodigal son.
- Phillip must choose his alliance!
- Romantic Chloe comes back to her old flame.
- Will Xander go back to his wicked ways?!
- Bonnie stands up to slick Vic.
- Hope is helped by reliable Rafe.
- Sonny and Will get another chance.
- Steve is at John's side.
- Eve is still not herself.
- Marlena gets support from Ben.
- Sonny cannot help but accept an offer.
- Phillip and stylish songbird Chloe oooooo!
- As Eve grieves again, Vince gets vicious.
- Gabi is miffed at Sonny and Will.
- Hope, Jen and Kayla talk turkey about Rafe.

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